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Customer Reviews

Kunde: D013379

Hello Dear Benny Bear team,
Benny the energy bears are simply ingenious. We sell mainly to markets (Easter market) or smaller exhibitions. Customers who buy the Benny Bear usually had experience on the Benny Bear and know the positive effect to appreciate other which one would you recommend finding it for a joke.

Customer: D013120 Everything great and fast

Customer: D013136 Yes, very - all the purchase and the shipping was concerned smoothly, very fast and very customer friendly and everything in best quality. The only thing I'm slightly surprised, I ordered a year in front of the same wonderful energy Bear in white, thought of now ordered from you was larger, but it is the same size, like him very much :) - but the price in front of the year was a much lower - about 27 euros now _ I wonder all the time: Either I have too little time very much paid ... or now ... Much love Ramona

Customer: D013125 Easy, fast and cute.

Customer: D013129 All the best!

Customer: D013131 Order The interface is clear, so that a simple ordering process was possible. The shipping term was just a working therefore you can be there only satisfied.

Customer: D013127 Very good and fast service

Customer: D010239 In all three points Customer Support, Ordering and shipping times there were no problems. All the best.

Customer: D013116 very good and fast service

Customer: D013115 Super Fast. Very good

Customer: D013100 package arrived quickly and reliably!

Customer: D013107 Everything was great as always !!

Customer: D006774 I have often ordered and each time everything goes like clockwork. Previously my Betellung went out by fax, today I'm doing it on the internet. The order is also part of Computen-laity and the goods are there in any case within three weeks days. I also think that I can order small quantities easily, since I have a hotel-Schop only and I can not create a larger supply. Incidentally, I came years ago from a friend on BennyBär which gave me because of my sleep one and without whom I can not sleep tonight. He accompanied me over and has already traveled halfway round the world with me. My whole family and many of our guests and friends swear inzwichen on BennyBär.

Customer: D013102 question via online form quickly and well answered; Order easy and understandable;

Customer: D013098 Very fast! Telephone counseling class.

Customer: D013104 The ordering process was very simple and understandable built, the order was carried out immediately. Would not hesitate to order again!

Customer: D011999 Bin fully satisfied. Thanks for the thanks!

Customer: D013098 easy ordering and shipped super fast !!!

Customer: D013096- Everything ok.! Gladly again.

Customer: D013095 Easy Ordering, nice, personal contact and acceptable and shipping times.

Customer: D013087 Everything was wonderful

Customer: D013081 Everything went great, fast shipping, great item

Customer: D013089 Prompt delivery

Customer: D006774 Simple ordering process, best customer service and prompt delivery. Very satisfied!

Customer: D013083 everything went very well, answered inquiry friendly and fast, thank you, gladly again!

Customer: D013077 was in everything to satisfy

Customer: D013088 Everything was great!

Customer: D013076 Fast, easy ordering and delivery.

Customer: D007245 ingenious products, even beautiful, good advice

Customer: D013068 Easy shopping online, fast delivery and even a small surprise gift to. Much more can not be expected. Many thanks.

Customer: D013064 super good settlement Thank you

Customer: D006542 fast, uncomplicated delivery, very friendly Kundenserviece !!!

Customer: D013062 fast delivery, good handling

Customer: D013052 uncomplicated order, good service. I am fully satisfied.

Customer: D013060 Super happy, happy again!

Customer: D013058 Super!

Customer: D013055 DPD was unjustified difficulties in delivery; "Benny B ‰ r" phone has added to the supply contact me to discuss. I liked very well and was a quick and easy solution. Many thanks!

Customer: D006999 The order is very straightforward and clear. Shipping is always within 1-2 days. Highly recommended!

Customer: D013053 ordering process was easy and everything went super fast also. Item is in perfect condition. Was very pleased it will recommend.

Customer: D006626 Love Benny Bear Team When working with all to be like you, there would be no more worries. The support, execution, collaboration may be better but not more. The conditions are also excellent and we will never let the Benny's down. We are two absolutely satisfied and happy Benny connoisseurs and utilities. Sue and Edith

Customer: D006999 was far everything good

Customer: D006450 full, completely and totally satisfied, and not just since it is the Online Store.

Customer: D008051 Order uncomplicated, speedy processing and shipping.

Customer: D013017 The uebersicht the article is good. The delivery of the items bestelllten quickly.

Customer: D008117 Super nice touch and perfect shipping process

Customer: D013022 Just TOP!

Customer: D013040 promptly and easily

Customer: D011931 shipping times was very good!

Customer: D008235 good contact, fast delivery, very good goods

Customer: D013050 from ordering through to delivery and to pay everything went quickly and easily.

Customer: D013044 very fast delivery, would be intact, good price